Floorcloths have also been known as: crumb cloth, Masonic flooring, oil floor cloth (or oyl cloth in England), drugget, and painted carpet. These floor coverings became popular in the 1700s in England, and came across to America to grace the floors of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson’s homes. Floorcloths declined in popularity with the invention of linoleum around 1900, but have seen a resurgence in popularity as an art form. They serve as a fashionable, durable, and easily maintained alternative to area and throw rugs.

The “This Old House” television series recently aired a segment in which they interviewed another floorcloth designer. Click here and watch her technique.

Each Artistry Underfoot floorcloth is a hand painted creation. Both surfaces of the canvas are completely painted and sealed with multiple coats of high gloss polyurethane varnish to provide many years of service, whether displayed as a wall hanging or used as a floor covering.

To prevent your floorcloth from slipping on hard surfaces, we recommend applying a rug grip tape. The tape can be applied to the floor, as in this video, or directly to the back side of your floorcloth.